Our Company

At exklim®, we've worked day & night to bring the eX Core™ From concept to design to final product. 


We've chosen the path to quality

We are working with several serial electronic designers, experienced and passionate about technology.
Our fine engineers are based on the following criteria.

Innovation, Revolution, Reinvention, Recreation, Passion & Vision.

Our engineers have worked for over 5 years, seeking and building the most advanced technology to create commercially viable products.
Our biggest challenge with the eX Core™ was power consumption and Thermal Dynamics, so we had to recreate every single component on a graphics card in order to minimize size and maximize efficiency.
Thanks to NVIDIA's newest architecture, we were able to finalize this project and have fully working prototypes. Everyone in our team is as excited as everyone else for the eX Core™ and we are glad to be the first to build and bring the world’s smallest portable eGPU.

Our team is comprised of 3 skilled entrepreneurs, 5 electronic designers, 7 product designers, and 1 supply chain expert with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, so rest assured the eX Core™ will exceed your expectations.

We hope to make a difference over the entire computer industry, we want to evolve technology so we will keep designing and refining.


You probably didn't know, but you've changed the world

exklim® wants to thank you in advance for all your support.

You're here with us making a revolutionary change in technology

Thank you for changing the future with us. 

Edgar Eliseo | Founder & CEO at exklim® Inc.


Besides being a serial Entrepreneur, I'm also a Hardware Inventor, Technology Evolutionist & a Computer Refinement Engineer.

As a Gamer, I love mobility, laptops, design; the future is towards mobile technology.

I always used to complain about the gap and freedom those mobile users get when it comes to upgradability and performance.

The eX Core™ came to change the game

Just plug and play